Take Over application footage

Footage of 3 works by Geoffrey Watson SC- CamelAustralian Suburban Living Project and Loving You Ad Nauseam


Camel (10 min excerpt)
Premier season April 2016 Next Wave Festival
Arts House
Choreography/costumes/text/robotics: Geoffrey Watson SC
Performers: Geoffrey Watson SC, Nana Biluš Abaffy, Michael McNab, Milo Hyde, James Andrews
Lighting: Amelia Lever-Davidson
Stage manager: Ashlee Hughes
Filming: NON Studio

Film portion of Australian Suburban Living Project (5 min excerpt)
Series of works throughout 2014
Choreography/costumes: Geoffrey Watson SC
Performers: Geoffrey Watson SC, Alice Heyward
Filming: Ashley McLellan

Loving You Ad Nauseam (7 min excerpt)
Premier season September 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival
Victoria Trades Hall
Choreography/costumes/text/lighting design: Geoffrey Watson SC
Performers: Geoffrey Watson SC, Tara Samaya
with Tim Collins, Joanne Lichti, Maximilian, Sam McGilp (photographer), Michael McNab, Eleanor Orchard, Jayson Patterson, Claire Robertson, En-En See, Chloe Sobejko, Olivia Sobejko, Rioko Tega, Christina Tester, Andrew Treloar, and the voice of Leah Landau
Stage manager: Ashlee Hughes
Filming: Marcus Encel

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