Geoffrey’s Corps and Reverse Fruit

Past works relating to my proposal for the 2022 City of Melbourne Boyd Residency

Geoffrey’s Corps

Performance at Uferstudios, Berlin
17/18 August 2019

Created by Geoffrey Watson with performers Violet Spurlock (subject), Pippa Samaya and Agustín Ferias (cameras)

Filmed by Pippa Samaya, Agustín Ferias and Noam Gorbat, edited by Geoffrey Watson

Geoffrey’s Corpse is the rearrangement of a body.
My aim was to convert my living body into an impossibly specific relic, and then wear that relic as a fashionable accessory.
The tender attention to detail required by this process became addictive to the point where, having depleted my own resources, I was compelled to extend this act of devotion to the bodies of my friends.

Reverse Fruit

Objects, sculptures, reconsidered fruit, craft and categories of life

An analogue rendering of the poor image

Dogged refusal of digital predominance over traditional craft

A plan to reconsider fruit

De-centring the humanity from the work I was engaged in 12 months ago: Geoffrey’s Corps parts 4-5 and 5-5: Violet Spurlock

Proof that there’s nothing on God’s green earth that can’t be taxidermed

See the full project

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