Camel– choreographed and designed by Geoffrey Watson for Next Wave Festival 2016. Camel is a dance work which fuses design, text, music performance and dance into choreographic process. Drawing inspiration from the legend of the camel as an animal designed by God from the spare parts of other animals as a metaphor for the creative drive.

Choreography: Geoffrey Watson
Design: Geoffrey Watson
Photos: Thomas Russell Art
Pictured: Geoffrey Watson


Tearaway Part 1

Image by Gregory Lorenzutti
Image by Gregory Lorenzutti


Tearaway part 1 premiered in the 2014 inaugural Keir Choreographic Competition

Choreography- Brooke Stamp
Costumes- Geoffrey Watson
Photography- Gregory Lorenzutti
Pictured- Brooke Stamp



Image by Sarah Walker
Image by Sarah Walker

BalletLab’s Kingdom premiered at Dance Massive Festival 2015 at Arts House Meat Market. I acted as design consultant the costumes pictured here.

Choreography: Phillip Adams, Matthew Day, Luke George and Rennie McDougall
Photography: Sarah Walker



Harvest was choreographed by Geoffrey Watson in response to an invitation to perform with Melbourne based band Habits. In the original version, the costumes are torn apart by members of the audience. These photos are from a video documentation that was undertaken later.

Choreography: Geoffrey Watson
Designs: Geoffrey Watson
Photography: Nana Biluš Abaffy
Pictured: Geoffrey Watson and Alice Heyward


Dark Mofo 2015

bringing-dark-mofos-blacklist-party-home-body-image-1435031580Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.10.39 pm



Costumes designed for MONA’s Dark Mofo Festival 2015 event Blacklist. 14 individual costumes were made using a method of draping large, randomly cut pattern pieces together. These pieces were then assembled using clips, so that they can be disassembled and recombined within the performance.

Choreography: Holly Durant
Costumes: Geoffrey Watson

Towards Transparency


Towards Transparency Premiered at Arts House for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015.

Choreography: Chloe Chignell
Design: Geoffrey Watson
Pictured: Chloe Chignell

Post Phase: The Summit is Blue

Post Phase: The Summit is Blue was a choreographic performance collaboration between Chloe Chignell and Timothy Walsh, premiering at Dancehouse for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014

Choreography: Chloe Chignell and Timothy Walsh
Design: Geoffrey Watson
Images: Sarah Nathan-Truesdale
Pictured: Chloe Chignell and Timothy Walsh



Zephyr was a choreographic collaboration between Geoffrey Watson, Harrison Hall and singer Benny Dimas. Presented at Short and Sweet Festival Melbourne 2013. Costumes partially constructed from plastic lunch bags- very delicate plastic which shredded and disintegrated through the course of the performance

Choreography: Geoffrey Watson and Harrison Hall
Costumes: Geoffrey Watson
Images: Angel Leggas (3 Fates media)
Pictured: Geoffrey Watson, Harrison Hall and Benny Dimas


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