“My work is generally occupied with energy, transmission and the sublime sonic hum of existence. Here, I wanted to parallel this with the industry in the body and the industry of presence and compel the tone for this work to be more elemental – a conduit between past and future. Together with Agatha and Kevin, this work was created around our own materiality, by ‘pulling down from the ephemeral’ – bringing this word back to the body and the earth. We waited for the impulse to move, we saturated the space & ourselves with information, so to eventually abstract our naturally occurring qualities of rhythm and take our art into time and space. A living dance of the elements. “


Creation: Brooke Stamp
Performance: Brooke Stamp
Costumes: Geoffrey Watson
Music: Kevin Lo
Set: Agatha Gothe-Snape

Premiere season: Dancehouse for Keir Choreographic Award 2014

Folie a Plusieurs

Creation: Brooke Stamp
Costumes: Geoffrey Watson
Photography: Gregory Lorenzutti

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